The purpose of this substantial A4 gloss-paper magazine is to provide spiritual and experimental ministry with sound doctrine which rightly and prophetically divides the Word of Truth.

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Issued: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. ISSN 0269-2228

Readers of our books will already know the high standards of our publications. They can be confident that these pages will maintain that quality, by giving access to enduring ministry from the past, much of which has been derived from sources that are virtually unobtainable today, besides publishing a living ministry from the present. Selected articles from the following writers have already been included:

Eli Ashdown • John Berridge • Abraham Booth • John Bradford • John Bunyan • John Burgon • John Calvin • Donald Cargill • John Cennick • J.N. Darby • George Fox • John Foxe • William Gadsby • Bernard Gilpin • John Guthrie • William Guthrie • Grey Hazlerigg • John Hicks • William Huntington • William Kelly • John Kennedy • John Kershaw • John Keyt • Hanserd Knollys • John Knox • James Lewis • Martin Luther • Robert Murray McCheyne • John Metcalfe • Brownlow North • Thomas Oxenham • Alexander–Sandy–Peden • J.C. Philpot • J.K. Popham • James Renwick • J.B. Stoney • Henry Tanner • William Tiptaft • Arthur Triggs • John Vinall • John Warburton • John Welwood • George Whitefield • J.A. Wylie


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