The Object
The object of the Trust is stated in the Trust declaration: ‘To promote the Christian faith, and in particular to promote the publication, printing… and the preaching… of the gospel of Jesus Christ, as delivered by the Lord Jesus Christ and the apostles, and recorded in Holy Scripture.’

The Workers
The Trust is managed by an office and printing staff of five full-time workers. There are seven representatives who together cover the British Isles. None of these workers draws a salary from the Trust. The representatives cover their own expenses. There are no administrative costs. All this is paid for by others, outside of the Trust funds. Money given to the Work goes to the work itself.

The Work
The publications of the Trust are subsidised by the Publishers. Each book is placed in the hands of the reader at a fraction of its cost in materials and labour. No appeals for money are made, no fund-raising methods are entertained, no tax-saving devices are used, and no advertisements are accepted.

Through prayer the work was raised up of God, and by prayer alone it is maintained. The Lord gave the word: great was the company of those that published it. Psalm 68:11.

In the Trust Deed, Mr. Metcalfe himself has forsworn, in favour of the Trust, all royalties, remuneration, and monies of any kind for his works, literary or otherwise, on behalf of the John Metcalfe Publishing Trust.

Mr. Metcalfe is renowned internationally as the original and outstanding author of many books of timeless value. He has recently completed his much acclaimed lectures on the Book of the Revelation at Church House, Westminster.

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Some Review Comments
on Mr. Metcalfe's Work

'From the moment we heard him preach, we knew that John Metcalfe was different. Here was preaching in the great apostolic tradition. It breathed the very spirit of the new testament.’ ‘There was authority in every utterance: the sheer immensity of the truths he portrayed filled us with a sense of awe.’ ‘We sensed we were in the presence of a man of God.’

From a report of a Mission in Scotland, published by 'The Christian' and other magazines and papers

'Uncompromisingly faithful to scripture ...has much to offer which is worth serious consideration... deeply moving.'
The Expository Times

'Among truly great Christian works.'
Methodist Review

'A thoroughly orthodox outlook... impressive.' 'Something of the fire of the ancient Hebrew prophet ...Metcalfe has spiritual and expository potentials of a high order.'
The Life of Faith