The Hymns of the New Testament


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Second Edition: Over 3000 copies sold
Third Printing: Special Edition

Here, in conclusion, is an original rendering into verse from the Authorized Version, which presents essential parts of the new testament in the purest scriptural form from the book of Acts through to that of Revelation. In these hymns the very words of the new testament are set into verse with as little alteration as possible, so that the singer may feel that it is the scripture itself that is being sung. This must be very near to what the apostles meant by ‘hymns’ in the new testament, and to what was actually sung by the church in the beginning.

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Her Majesty the Queen, Buckingham Palace, London:
‘The Queen has commanded me to thank you for your letter of the 25th enclosing a copy of “The Hymns of the New Testament”. Her Majesty is delighted to accept this volume, which will join its two companions, and was also deeply touched by the assurance of your continual prayers.’